How Long Does a Funnel Have to Be?

Ever wonder if your funnel is long enough? Or maybe you keep thinking that your funnel is too short. Is there an optimal length for a marketing funnel? The short answer to that question is yes, there is an optimal length for your funnel. How do you determine that length? That’s the right question to … Read more

Do I Have to Run Ads?

Do I have to run ads? Is this something I HAVE to do? Isn’t it a dreadful question? The level of stress going up, the heart beating faster with the thought of losing money online. The anxiety level rises on the thought of having something else to learn and understand. There are two sides you … Read more

It all comes to email marketing.

If you believe starting an online business is a piece of cake, think again. If you believe that you won’t have to work a lot to get your business started, think again. If you believe that you won’t need an email list, think again. Every successful business owner has an email list. Every successful business … Read more

Funnel 101 – Beginner’s Guide

Whether you are aware of it or not, if you’ve purchased something in your life, you were in a funnel. Here, I’m going to explain the basics of a funnel, the different types of funnels and I will help you decide if you need a funnel for you affiliate marketing business (or any other type … Read more