You want to start an e-mail list? Here is my Autopilot Funnels review

Autoilot Funnels

Autopilot Funnels Review           

There are different ways you can be an affiliate, different ways you can create traffic and get people interested in the products you promote.

Building an e-mail list as an affiliate is one of them and Autopilot Events is offering a builder where you can create your Opt-in and your thank you pages. They host these for you. They have some good converting funnels you can use. That is very simple and straight forward.

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If you want to start selling your own products, you also get access to Products Funnels where you can create all the pages you need to build you profitable funnel, including the sales page and there is even an upsells option.


Price: $594, including lifetime access to the Builder, step-by-step training, unlimited hosting and unilmited funnels.

Owners: Keynetics Inc.

Overall rank: 8 out of 10

Autopilot Funnels, Product Overview

It all start with a workshop. Grab your pen and a piece of paper, you will want to take note. There is a good deal of interesting information during the webinar. Then, you are invited to register to be able to access the Autopilot Funnels Builder.

The Builder is a hosting platform where you have access to ready to use funnels to promote products your are affiliated with. There is training available to help you get started with the Autopilot Funnels Builder. That is very simple. It is easy to use. That is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know where to go or what to do to start building an e-mail list using Opt-in and Thank you pages.

There is a 30-days money back guaranty. Which is good when you want to try something and see if you really like it or not.

Likes and Dislikes

The Likes:

PRO #1 It is very easy to use. Beginner friendly.

PRO #2 You get access to all the courses and training in the Autopilot Events and on another platform. You receive two login details.


PRO #4 There are already made for you free gifts you can put in your Opt-in page to motivate people to sign up for your e-mail list.

PRO #5 The information provided by Justin is very useful for beginners.

PRO #6 They host all your pages at no extra charge.

PRO #7 It integrates with many major autoresponders like AWeber, MailChimp, SendLane, GetResponse, etc.

The Dislikes:

CON #1: You can now create Opt-in pages and Thank You pages using your autoresponder platform, like AWeber.

CON #2 The products available for affiliates on ClickBank are not always the best regarding the quality. You probably will want to search on other platforms for affiliate products in your niche.

CON #3 You still have to PAY to get an autoresponder. I suggest you get started for FREE with AWeber. Check my review here.

CON #4 There is a chance that you will end up PAYING for ads to help up promote your Opt-in pages. You have to incude that in your budget.

Who can benefit from Autopilot Funnels?

Do you want to go the easy way? You really want to start an e-mail list and start promoting exciting products to your subscribers, the Autopilot Funnels is the product you need. You would like some made-for-you funnels and free gifts, go with it. You are willing to pay for ads or if you have a big network on social medias where you can promote the products you are affiliated with, the Builder is for you.

You are just getting started, I suggest that you build a website first to get traffic for free and THEN you add your Opt-in pages and you start your e-mail list. You may find it easier that way.

Autopilot Funnels Support

The support offer is great. There is a forum you get access to where a lot of questions you may have can be answered. You can always e-mail their support directly and they answer really quickly. They have a live chat box at the bottom of the page if you need support. There are doing a good job overall.

Autopilot Funnels price $$$

That is a $594 to get out-of-pocket. Remember that every expense you make for your online business is tax-deductible. For that price, you have a LIFETIME ACCESS to the Builder, a LIFETIME HOSTING for your Opt-in pages and a LIFETIME ACCESS to Autopilot Events where new training and courses are added on a regular basis. You get access to live Q&As; webinars. You get a great value back for your money.

Autopilot Funnels final opinion

Other than the fact that the affiliate offers at ClickBank are not always the best ones, you get a really good value for your money. You have everything you need to get started in your affiliate journey. There are hundreds of hours of training you can watch. The Builder is very easy to use. It is made for newbies.

They offer a 30-days money back guaranty, so if you don’t like the product no worries, they got you covered.

You feel like you want to make your e-mail marketing debut and you want something that is step by step and user-friendly, the Autopilot Funnels is for you.

Autopilot Funnels at a Glance

Name: Autopilot Funnels


Owners: Keynetics Inc.

Price: one payment for life of $594 and awesome value for your investment.


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  1. This is extraordinary news for any individual who needs sites to sell their items. Since they don’t need to employ website specialists and engineers, they can minimize expenses and get more benefit.

    Furthermore, in case you’re an associate or a data item designer utilizing ClickBank to produce deals, you might need to realize that they have a web designer that you can utilize: the ClickBank web designer.

  2. This is an excellent review on the Clickbank builder. They say the Money is in the list. I have to agree that it is very pricey at $1,700. I know you get a lot of done for you funnels but even so I think the price is to high, especially as you still need an auto responder and may need to pay for ads to start building the list which can be expensive in its self. I very much appreciate you sharing this review. 

  3. Hello Cynthia, thanks for this really clear and nice article. I have been looking for means to better my online business for a while now and click bank have been a name that have been occurring and I have so much joy to see that it’s a trusted platform and that makes me really happy. 


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