Is motivation all you need?

When starting something new, motivation comes naturally. New is intriguing, it’s fun, everything you learn is interesting. It is enough to keep you going? Where will your motivation go when you hit your first roadblock? There are natural steps to take to start your laptop business lifestyle.

Do you have your niche?

It could be one of the most difficult roadblock to get through. Don’t overthink this. Try to find something you always talk about. Find a subject you like to research, on which you know you can help people with. Focus on something you can find many sub topic to explore.

For example, for a person who likes cars and accessories, why not build a website where you start reviewing the accessories you like. Then you write about anything you really need to have the best experience in your car. You can have a parent section on your site, etc. The limits are the ones you create in your mind.

*May contain affiliate links. Clicking on the affiliate links will most likely result in the same price you would pay elsewhere or you may get a special offer using those links.

I have other examples, I’m giving you another one. For the new parents, you can build a website talking about anything baby related. It could be clothes for all seasons, car accessories, toys, food, security, cribs and so on. You can pick cribs and then you talk about the sheet, and then the accessories for the cribs, etc.

Keep it a no brainer. Stop overthinking it. Pick something you know about. Make a review, and build from there.

Do you know where to start?

You have your niche, now what? Well, you want to start building a website. You need to find a site where you can build your website and a site that will also host your website. If you know nothing on how to get started and would like a step by step system to help you succeed? I have a great solution for you. It is the best hosting platform, the fastest and by far the most affordable. You can try here for free.

Now you start writing. You begin reviewing products. The products you review, are the products you are affiliated to. Tell people what you like and what would make the products better. How do you get affiliated with the products your are reviewing? Google niche+affiliate programs. If you have brand names, you can Google these+affiliate program and see the results. Each program have different standards to whom the let become associate.

Some companies only accept people with a traffic bringing website. You need to give free content when you get started. It is more important that you try to put new post on your site at least 4 times per week so you site grows at a good rate. You can apply to different affiliate programs and see the answer you will get. Sometimes if you are not approved, it is only because your website is brand new and it needs a little more meat.

Will you take the time?

Building an online business takes time. Finding topics to talk about, finding information, looking for affiliate programs…it gets time-consuming. Be consistent in the time you give to develop your affiliate business.

If you have a full time job and you also want to have you online side hustle, you need to open a time window. Try to respect that window. If you have one hour every day, stop after you have spent one hour. Don’t get burned. When you do make time for you business, try to make the most out of it. Stay focused as much as possible on what you are doing and forget the rest.

Not so easy? Stay away from social media distractions. If you have kids, try to have some time when you don’t have to be looking after them so much. If it gets hard, get a notepad and write down your ideas as they come during the day. Your time spend creating your content when you will have the time will be more efficient.

When you are shopping, in stores or online, make some time to check on the items that could be interesting for you to review. Maybe they have an affiliate program.

Are you getting traffic?

Even if you had the best website in the world, if no one is there to see it, it won’t make you money. You won’t be able to build money online if you don’t gt traffic for your website. How do you do that?

Be patient. Your website has to grow before it gets ranked with Google. There are things you can do to help increase traffic. You can share an article from your site to social medias. Share in public mode. Add your site to your bio. Create accounts for your business. Ask people you know to share your work on their page. Get in groups, comments in the chats and link your website there. There are many ways you can get people to know that your website is out there, start spreading the news.

I wrote an article about generating free traffic. Read it here.

Do you still have your motivation?

There are days when you won’t want to do anything. There are days you will feel stuck. There are days you will get discouraged. There are days you may want to quit. Just keep going. It is your business, it is your decision. You do what you want with it. Keep in mind that the days when you don’t feel like doing anything, may be the most productive one. Maybe you will get that awesome idea to write about. Maybe you can find a new product that is just do great that you need to review it and tell the world about it.

Remember why you started. Remember why you are doing it. Focus on your goals. Take a day off and do something you enjoy. Maybe you can post about it! One step at the time.

How about money?

At some point, you will have to invest money in your business. It could be for an online course, for hosting your website, for buying ads, for buying new products to review, etc. Keep in mind that you are not going to be making money the minute you post a new article on your site. And there is a good thing bout having a business: everything that you spend for your business is tax-deductible. You DON’T have to spend big bucks to get started. Like I told you earlier, you can get started for free here.

You may be the lucky one who makes its first sale in the first week, but realistically, you can expect to make your first commission in the first month. Depending on how much time you invest on building your money online, it could take up to 8 months. Be reassured that most affiliate make money within the first 3 months.

Keep your focus on building your business and making the best content you can. If you are part of a community, you can always reach out for help to improve your website. Believe that you can succeed and it will help you handle the roadblocks.

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  1. Hello there – This was a brilliant article as I am a newbie to affiliate marketing. It was a huge learning curve for me to read through this article. IT really helped me define a clear path forward. I have to agree with you on motivation, Have to keep pushing forward. Thanks for this motivational post. 


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