Create Social Media Posts – Part 3

In part 1 I mostly talked about creating your account and in part 2, I mostly talked about what type of content you can be posting on Facebook and Instagram. Today, I’m going to walk you through LinkedIn and Twitter.


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This is a platform for professionals. This is where you need to create a professional looking profile.

To create a good profile on LinkedIn is simple. The first thing you want to do is have a professional looking picture of you. Make sure your face is the most important feature on the picture. You want it to be recent so when you meet people, they recognize you.

The second thing is putting as much information as possible in your profile. The way LinkedIn profiles work, is similar to a résumé. Put in your previous jobs, education, all the training and the courses you’ve taken and that you are training right now.

Let people know what are your interests and if you have done some volunteering, put it in your profile.

When you have a nice and complete profile, people will easily find who they are talking to and if what you have to offer them can be of any interest.

Here is a video to help you create or improve your LinkedIn profile.

Keep in mind that there are headhunters on LinkedIn and it could help you get a better job. There is an option where you can be open to job offers. Who knows!

What to Post on LinkedIn?

Since it’s a more formal social media for business and professionals, you don’t post all your personal stuff there. You basically do the opposite than what you do on your personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. Even on business accounts, some people put a lot of personal pictures of how they live their life.

Ok, so now what do you want to share on LinkedIn? Everything and anything that is related to your niche. Everything you do that brings you closer to your goals, you can share on LinkedIn.

As long as you are sharing relevant posts about what you are doing, what you have to promote, how you can help people, you are on the right track.

Here is a list, from LinkedIn, of suggestions on what to post. That will help you get started on the right foot.

Keep in mind that to be successful using that social media platform, you have to be active and create posts. Engage with people and share great content, even if it’s to entertain people with a meme or a funny quote related to your niche.

Be aware that you are limited to a maximum of 500 people in your close network. That’s far from the million people you can follow on Instagram, right? That doesn’t stop people from following you. You can have a massive amount of followers on LinkedIn.

You will be using LinkedIn to build your authority. That’s why I told you to share relevant posts about your niche and what you have to offer that would help other people. It is crucial to choose the right people to connect with to get a good reach of influence.

Then, your network will grow as you create posts directly in LinkedIn. The reach and engagement is better than if it’s published from a social media automated planner.

Twitter logo


I don’t personally use Twitter. I want to make this clear. Though, I have had training on using social media to build and grow your affiliate marketing business, so I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned.

So, to get successful with Twitter, there are a few things you want to do.

First, add your professional/business picture on your profile. Use the same picture on every platform. It will be easier for people to recognize you if they want to follow you on several platforms.

Here is a tutorial on how to use Twitter if you have never used it before.

What Do You Post on Twitter?

You want to create useful chunks of information and fun ideas related to your niche. You can’t write a long post there. You have to be concise. Since you will be using your account for a business purpose, you want to focus on 4 types of posts.

1- News related in your niche: There is probably something interesting happening in your niche. It can be new products, new training, a celebrity doing something, a price increase, etc.

2- Anything that provides tips or advice in your niche: Surely there are tidbits you can share on Twitter. A little something to help people.

3- Something that will make them go to your website or opt-in page. At some point, you want people to take action and go see what you have to offer. Don’t put direct affiliate links there. That’s not the goal here. Remember it is a social media platform, not a selling platform.

4- You want to share something fun and interesting, hopefully related to your niche. You can ask a question, create a poll, create a funny quote, a post that will be different than the other ones you are sharing.

Create and share all these types of posts everyday on Twitter to help you grow the number of followers you have.

How to Grow Your Number of Followers on Twitter?

Super simple. You need to do 2 things:

1- Find someone in your niche that has a lot of followers but doesn’t follow back. Retweet their posts and engage with their followers.It’s going to bring you more followers. Do this everyday for about 10 minutes.

2-Tweet a minimum of 4 times a day, each time with a different type of post. The more you tweet, the better the reach, the more followers, the more traffic you can get to your website or opt-in page.

What can be useful with the Twitter posts you have created is that you can share them on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Only a few people are going to follow you on every social media platform. That will save you some time when creating content for all your accounts.

You don’t have to share everything that you Tweet in your Facebook and Instagram. One or 2 good posts will do.

If you are a fast content creator and it is easy for you to create content, Twitter is a great place to start. You need to be present there to make progress and see traffic coming from there.

You don’t have to post everyday at the same time unlike Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you spread your content throughout the day so you can reach more people.

In Conclusion

For each social media platform you use, try them for a couple of months and decide on which one you want to focus on. There will be some platforms where you will be able to see good results, and others where nothing will happen.

Make sure you are enjoying the social media platform you are using. You need to give it some attention everyday.

If you are getting started, choose one at the time and see if you get results after 3 months. If your traffic doesn’t increase from there, you have 2 solutions: make better calls to action so people go to your website or subscribe to your email list or change platform. Maybe your audience is not where you think it is.

If you want to maximise your presence on social media and be everywhere, that will cost you either time or money. Creating content, scheduling it and doing so for Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Twitter will take you hours to do. I haven’t included Pinterest in the mix since it is more like a search engine, like YouTube and Google.

There are tools you can use to help you manage your social media content. Some tools like MeetEdgar (you get a month free using this link)can even search posts related to your niche and post them when you are out of posts to share.

Plus you have a library of evergreen posts that can be republished (not too often).

Automation will keep you sane and free your time so you can create articles for your website, new videos on your YouTube channel or anything that can be shared on social media.

There is a cost to use automation, but it costs less than your mental sanity! It’s worth it when you are getting traffic and you want to grow a little faster. Most social media automation tools have monthly plans that start at $15-$20. They are affordable and you can take more expensive plans when you are earning commissions.

A good business mindset is to reinvest the money you make into your business. You don’t have to reinvest everything, but 1- it is a business expense, so it is tax deductible 2- it will help you make more money.

If your first goal is to earn as much money as possible because you need it right now, that is going to be a hard decision to make for you. Affiliate marketing is not going to make you rich overnight, it’s a marathon.

Become an entrepreneur and invest in your future.

Get started for free.

Let’s build it!


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  1. These are two areas that I haven’t had much to do with and want to learn how. Thanks for explaining the differences. LinkedIn seems far more serious and a little restricted with the 500 followers compared to other social media outlets. But Twitter needs a lot of daily time to get any traction and following.

    I agree that everyone needs to automate these posts or you would spend your whole life on your phone and lose your sanity. Something to do soon.

    • Thanks for your comment Lily!

      building a presence on social media is time consuming. You have to choose wisely so you don’t end up on a treadmill going nowhere but spending time and energy on creating content.

      You have to test and see what works good and what you will enjoy doing in the long term.

      Best wishes,



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