How to create content?

You will build your business by creating valuable content for your audience. Remember that you are writing content for other people. Bring value on what you want to share.

How do you create content?

You have your niche and you found a way to reach people with your posts or content, whether it’s on a website or in an email list. Now imagine you are a customer wanting to know more about what you have to promote. What do you want to know? What is the approach you are going g to take? Which problems need to be solved? Do you have a solution?

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Write about things people will want to learn from your niche. If you feel stuck, you can always do a keywords search on Google to know what people are looking for in your niche. Ask a “How to…” question related to your niche. You might be able to find different topics to write about. You can also try this tool here:

You are stuck and don’t know what to write about, even after the keywords search? This tells me that it’s time for you to learn more about your niche. Take a moment to browse the internet, watch some videos on YouTube. You may come accross a topic or a problem related to your niche you didn’t think about before.

It’s important to write valuable content that doesn’t always promote your affiliated products. You want to create trust with your audience. Don’t always pitch products. Your audience will stop following you if you don’t provide value. Write about the things you would have liked to learn sooner in your niche and explain why it matters.

Beware of email templates and done-for-you content you can buy in a bundle on internet. You need to create original content. If you are copying this people have already made, you won’t get ranked good on Google or your emails will end up in the junk folder. You will be left below.

Vary the style of content you are writing. You have different kind of content you can create. You can write blog post, write a story about your niche, write motivational post, write promotional post, write a review, etc. That way, you have more chances to create original content and it will be easier to create a relationship with your audience.

Find your style

What is it that you really want to write about? How do you want to deliver that content? You don’t have to be a blogger to get started. Keep in mind that people are sociable and they like to read about experiences others have had in your niche.

Are you a story teller? Do you like sharing you experience in details? I know some people can talk about everything and anything. They are born with it. I think if you are more of an extrovert, it might be easier for you to find something to talk about to create interesting content for your visitors. Be careful, interesting doesn’t always mean valuable. There has to be a reason you want to tell that story. What is it?

Maybe you are a motivational speaker? Do you like cheering people? Are you the kind of people that sees the importance of motivation? You probably know some people that are into everything motivational, who follow life coaches on social medias. There is also the kind of person who reads a lot about self-help and wants to help other achieve their goals. Maybe you have a self-help niche that will help you do what you enjoy the most.

Are you a good seller? Do you enjoy being in the marketing business? Are you very creative on how to meet people’s need? Can you often find the best way to sell a product? Some people are born to sell products to others. Here, you will enjoy writing sale’s pitch. Keep in mind that you want to help other make the best decision when it comes to buying products in your niche. Make sure your products are high quality so your visitors keep coming back.

Maybe you are a good critic? Then you will be a good reviewer. If you can find the good and the bad in products you are promoting and you can explain to your audience why a certain product is more valuable than another, I’m sure you will create good content reviewing products. When writing reviews, keep in mind that you want to be an affiliate for most products you review. Whether the overall rating of the product is great or not, some people may find it appropriate for what they need.

Are you a teacher? Some people enjoy explaining things, the how and the why of everything. Do you like to take time to explain? Are you good at making something that seems hard easy? It could be something you are good at and you like teaching it to others. It can be useful if you like to break down a topic into smaller pieces in order to make it understandable to others.


You can’t be successful at creating content on the first article you will write. Remember practice makes perfect. Don’t worry about perfection. You will become an expert during the journey. Keep writing and you will find your style. Mix different styles to create your original content.

Do you hate writing content? Good news, you don’t have to. If you have a little spare money, you can actually hire someone to write content for you. It’s not too expensive and it gives you time to do other things, related to your business or not.

Good news. You can also use apps that will write what you say, so you don’t have to type all your content. Make sure you review your content and you make adjustments. Create paragraphs, head lines and add picture. You don’t want people to see a big block of writing. A lot of people don’t even read the whole article you posted or your emailed. They read the head lines and bold content.

Forget about what you learned in school. Remember how you had to write big chunk of text? Well, forget about it. You want to write somewhat conversational. You want small paragraphs with just a few sentences. I can even be just one sentence to make the text easier to read. I know that sometimes, when I see that a post is very long, I get discourage before I even start reading it.

If you content is valuable, people will read it. I like to read. I like when the post is well written and there are images and head lines to create a reading beat. Again, think about your audience. Are you talking to people who like to read long reports or are you talking to everybody? What do you prefer reading? How about the people you know, what do they like to read?

Let’s get you started

Find a topic related to your niche, maybe questions people have, it could be a problem, anything. Find a good headline including some keywords you found. Start writing. You can always edit your text or your email before you send it. Add pictures relevant to your topic. Write as often as possible. Enjoy the process.

Vary and combine writing styles. You will develop you style and people will come back to you for how you deliver your content.

If you don’t enjoy writing, consider using an app that convert what you say into writing, hiring a freelancer or even making videos.

Have fun creating your valuable content!

If you have questions or you want to leave a comment on your experience with writing content, leave me a comment below. I will be happy to read it.

Let’s Get Started,


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