Why focus on ONE thing?

You’ve heard that already, do ONE thing.

As we are connected to the rest of the world with our phone. tablet, laptop or pc, it may be hard to focus on one thing.

Or maybe you are focusing on the wrong thing…

Is the training you are taking is helping you to focus on that one thing?

Since most courses are teaching multiple things to help you become a successful affiliate marketer, are you doing them all?

Don’t you feel exhausted or lost?


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What Happens if I Do Many Things?

You just bought a step-by-step online course to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer. (If you have no clue on where to get started, you can visit my reviews page)

You are very excited to learn how to make money online without having to make it a full time job.

So you start with the beginning of the course.

You hit a wall when you learn that you have to choose a niche. You have no clue what to choose and you start looking on the internet to see what niches are making the most money for affiliate marketers.

As you do so, you see another course teaching another technique to earn money online that could be faster than what you already signed up for.

After a week, you have narrowed down your niche and you are ready to set up your opt-in page (or landing page, squeeze page or one-page website…yes, it’s all the same thing)

Let me go back a few days.

While you were wondering what your niche would be, you started binge watching the step-by-step course.

The result: you consumed an 8 weeks program in one week.

So now you are super pumped! Your head is full of ideas and you have decided to take that other course you saw earlier that week.

So you binge-watch that course too.

You are so happy with all that knowledge that you feel like you can conquer the world and earn tons of money fast.

At the same time, there is something inside you that tells you that you are not ready, or there is still something to learn before you can take action.

Even with your head full of ideas for:

  • your YouTube channel (that is not set up yet)
  • your Facebook page (where you haven’t posted anything yet)
  • your email sequence (you haven’t chosen an autoresponder yet)
  • your thank you page (you don’t even know where you are going to build your landing page…yet)
  • your other social media accounts (that you don’t even have yet),

you have done nothing productive yet.

The reason is simple.

You haven’t focused on doing one thing.

Why is it so Important?

As your mind absorbs all the information you are giving it, it is not getting good at doing one thing.

Doing one thing will give you the chance to become good at that one thing.

Like choosing a niche.

Then you become good for choosing plenty of niches for yourself and for others, helping them to narrow down their choice.

Doing one thing will help you stay on track and feel less overwhelmed.

If you do a step-by-step course and you really follow the instructions and the time frame, you won’t feel lost.

These courses are designed to make you do one thing at the time.

But you want more. It’s so hard to resist the temptation to go to the next step and see what you’ll have to do later.

Did you know that binging on knowledge is a way to procrastinate?

It’s also the best way to never feel like you know enough to get started.

And you go back to learn more.

3 months later, you are mad because you don’t have any results. Who’s fault is it?


It takes time to master a new skill. Some people learn faster than others. Some people have more time to practice than others.

Even triathlon’s athletes aren’t good at all 3 disciplines. They have one they are better at that compensate for the others so they have a chance to win.

I know that in many courses, you will learn all about social media, paid ads, email marketing, creating a YouTube channel, blogging, etc.

So courses specialize in teaching ONE thing.

If you want to start blogging, get good at it, start earning money from it and THEN, move to the next thing that interests you, like a YouTube channel or growing an email list.

If you are interested in social media, choose a course that specialises in using social media to earn money.

Most courses are all-in-one. They include everything. Which is fine, but you can still binge and think that you have to get everything set up within the next 2 weeks.

That’s not the case.

And stop thinking about making online money fast.

Even if they told you it is possible, you still have skills to learn and to master. It takes time.

If you need money fast, you need to find another job, not to try to create a semi-passive income.

Knowing that you are not in a hurry to earn money will help you stay focused on one thing.

In Conclusion

Focusing on one thing will help you take action.

It will help you stay focused on the task you want to do.

You want to get to your goal faster? Focus on one thing.

It is too easy to wander around to see what more you can learn before you take action.

Feeling overwhelmed with information overload is not going to help you make money online.

Choose one thing.

Stick to it, even for a year, then move on to the next ONE thing you can do to grow your affiliate marketing business.

Become a master for the skills you are learning.

It will serve you more than running after the shiny object that’s going to show you the next best way to earn money online.

With mastery comes confidence and the procrastination fades away.

Now stop binge-watching every training you can put your hands on.

Choose one thing you want to do.

What are you going to choose?

Let’s get Started!


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