It all comes to email marketing.

If you believe starting an online business is a piece of cake, think again.

If you believe that you won’t have to work a lot to get your business started, think again.

If you believe that you won’t need an email list, think again.

Every successful business owner has an email list.

Every successful business owner keeps their email list active, meaning they send emails regularly and their subscribers read them.

Ever wonder why?

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An email list is a powerful asset for ANY kind of business. I feel like restaurants could make good use of an email list.

No matter the kind of online business you have, whether it’s affiliate marketing, dropshipping, online store, freelancer, influencer, etc, you want to build an email list and keep it active.

Why Do You Need an Email List?

So you can keep in touch with your customers. You know, to give them tips on your products, to email them with complementary offerts they could need, etc.

Since you don’t have any control on any algorithm, by the way: they are everywhere, you want to have a back up plan.

If you have over 5,000 people following you on social media, can you reach them if your accounts get banned or blocked?

You can’t rely on social media to reach your potential customers. On your personal page, you could reach up to 35% of your “friends” in 2019.

That dropped significantly in the past few years. Unless you post during peak hours and people are seeing the most recent posts, your post may fall into the abyss.

Now, the reach is between 2% and 6,5%. Yes you read that right. No wonder why you are being told to constantly post publications on social media.

But guess what? With email marketing, the average Open Rate is anything between 15% and 20%.

And that means you don’t have to create multiple pieces of content everyday. You can send as few emails as 1 per month, but I wouldn’t go as low as that.

If you don’t send emails out on a regular basis, people will forget about you.

Someone else might take your place.

And get YOUR sale…

What is The Best Email Sending Schedule?

There isn’t ONE specific schedule. You need to choose something that fits with your niche and with your personality.

Some people like to send quick daily emails. Others prefer to send in depth emails once every other week.

It really depends on your niche. It really depends on your personality.

If you feel like you are going to harass people when sending a daily email, maybe you can try emailing your list 3 times a week.

As you get started, it’s hard to determine what kind of email schedule will be best for your audience. You know, because you only have 1 or 2 people on your list…

A good way to determine what kind of schedule you want for your email list is to write down a bunch of topics you can write about in your emails. The more topics you can come up with, the more often you can email your list.

For physical products, you want to email your list at least once a month. You need to come up with topics to talk about. You can start with questions people have and you answer those questions in your emails.

You need to find ways to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers. You will get more reach with your emails, once you have grown your list, than with your social media accounts.

Beware of The Algorithms

Depending on the kind of email you send, your emails can end up in 3 folders: inbox, promotions or junk/spam.

I told you, algorithms are EVERYWHERE! There are some apps, like Telegram or Slack that don’t work with algorithms.

But for everything else, you are at the mercy of the algorithms.

I receive a lot of emails everyday (over 40. I stopped opening them…). But let me tell you that even big names like Robert Kiyosaki, ClickBank and Grant Cardone will end up in the junk folder.

They did end up there with both Gmail and Outlook.

Some emails with Outlook, even though I mark the sender as safe, keep appearing in the junk folder.

So you need to tell your subscribers to verify every folder to make sure they receive your emails.

What happens is that there are too many people in the make money online industry that are sending emails. More often than not, they send emails about a new opportunity to earn more money online…

So they get flagged by Google and the other email providers follow the leader.

There are things you want to avoid.

Like sending a daily email with a new exciting product every day and changing products every week.

Since you spend all your emails promoting something, you get flagged.

There are rules to follow to avoid the spam or promotion folders.

But Clickbank and Grant Cardone can’t avoid them….

Just be conscious that there is a human being reading your emails. If you only talk about the next best product, why would they bother opening your emails?

Choose your words carefully and avoid anything that seems spammy.

I wrote an article on email marketing where I give a few tips to avoid triggering the spam algorithm. You can read it here.

Remember that you want to be helpful. People are counting on you to help them solve their problems. Don’t create new problems using the next best thing to promote every week.

In Conclusion

No matter the business model you have, you will want to build and grow an email list.

It’s an asset that will help you keep your business growing as more people join your email list.

The more helpful you will be, the happier your subscribers, the better will be your end results.

Don’t be afraid to tell your list to buy a certain product that will REALLY help them with their struggles.

Now, all you need to do is to find a way to get people to subscribe to your email list…

Let’s Get Started!


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