It’s time to review Weathy Affiliate

When you are ready to take the plunge and become an affiliate marketer, you need what’s best to help you grow your business properly. The best way to get started is to learn the basic to make a sustainable business.

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The basics are finding a niche, building a website and finding ways to monetize your website. Sounds simple, right? It is but you have to be ready to learn new skills.

Learn from people who have been in the business for decades to have the best chances to become successful. As your business and website grow, you may change your orientation a bit and may want to be able to make transactions on your website.

When you are learning from the best community and are using the right tools, changes are easier to make. Then it’s going to be easier to model your website to what your business is becoming.

How great would it be if you could get all the training you need, the website hosting, the support and an helpful community all in one place?

Here is what I found:

Wealthy Affiliate Review    

Name: Wealth Affiliate


Price: 7 days free trial and free Starter member. Premium is $49 per month or $495 per year and Premium Plus for $99 per months or $995 yearly.

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rank: 6 out of 10

Getting an online business set up and ready to make money can get overwhelming. Make sure you find the best training, the best website hosting, the best support available. If you don’t know where to find these, keep reading.

Wealthy Affiliate, Product Overview

It is a hosting platform and training website for affiliate marketers to be. It can also be good for anyone who wants to start an online business as they have two training programs: one for affiliate marketer in the make money online niche and one for building your business in your own niche.

It is a subscription based program. You have a 7-day trial and then you can stay a Starter member or you can upgrade to Premium. or to Premium Plus.

In the Starter membership, you have access for free to the first level of the training. You can build ONE website using their great hosting technology and that is enough to get you started as an affiliate. For 7 days, you have access to the live chat and all the support from everyone using the platform. You get the basics. It gives you time to learn how to navigate the website.

The Premium membership is the access to almost everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, including unlimited access to their community, direct messaging to the owners, all the Premium classes, all the support and all the fun options. You can build up to 10 websites using your own domains.

Now, the Premium Plus membership is for your growing business. You can also take it when you are just getting started, it all depends on your budget and what you plan to do with your online business. That membership includes 50 websites with advance hosting valued at $250 per month, access to all Premium Plus training and you get Jaaxy Enterprise which is normaly $99 per month.

Likes and dislikes

The Likes:

PRO #1 It’s an all-in-one package deal. You get training, website hosting, support and a community if you want to interact with other affiliate marketers. It’s a one of a kind product/service.

PRO #2  Step by step training lessons so you don’t get overwhelmed with everything you have to do and learn to get started.

PRO #3 Affordable, you get TONS of tools, information and training for your money.

PRO #4 The power of the community at Wealthy Affiliate is incredible. People are ready to help and you really feel that you belong whenever you need help.

PRO #5 You can unsubscribe whenever you want, but be aware that you will need to migrate your websites prior to closing your account. Be aware that they have a no refund policy.

PRO #6 They have an affiliate program where you can earn money when you bring new members. You can get the commission even when you are a Starter member! When you refer 100 people, they fly you to their annual convention.

PRO #7 The networking. You get in touch with so many people, it’s really easy to grow your community and interact with people with similar interests.

PRO #8 There are NO upsells. So you won’t need to pay for anything more than the Premium Plus membership price. The only other expense you will have is your domain name. How perfect is that?

PRO #9 The power of the community. The community as Wealthy Affiliate is the best. They really care about each other and you can always reach out whenever you need a hand.

The Dislikes:

CON #1The website can be a bit overwhelming and a bit confusing when you get started. There are two menus, one on the left and one at the top. There is the live chat going and blog post from others in the middle. It takes some time to get used to everything.

Wealthy Affiliate Dashborad

CON #2 After the free trial, you are totally cut of from the live chat and the ability to reach out for direct help.

CON #3 There are typos and mistakes within the training that can be annoying for some people.

CON #4 The training videos need some upgrading, as many videos where made in 2013. I know that they are working very hard to bring us new training videos in the near future. In the meantime, it’s a good thing they have weekly live training sessions.

CON #5 The website is not entirely cell phone/mobile friendly. The trainings, the blog posts and the dashboard are fine. As soon as you use the top menu to access your private messaging or any other page in your account, it goes into computer mode which means it gets really small and you have to zoom in the be able to read. It can get annoying.

CON #6 The Online Entrepreneur Certification needs to be more specific and more elaborate. The Affiliate Bootcamp contains more valuable informations when it comes to building your website and grow your business. They should be both equaly important and well explained as there are some important information that are not included in the core training.

CON #7 You will want to buy YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME eventually, so you have to add that to your yearly expense.

CON #8 Not available in all countries. Wealthy Affiliate has a list of countries that can’t register for the free trial. That means people have to join going Premium or Premium Plus right from the start.

Some countries are blacklisted. That’s mainly for 2 reasons: too much corruption in the country and/or people in that country don’t have PayPal access.

There will be the same issue when trying to find affiliate offers. ClickBank is not available in all countries.

Who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate ?

EVERYBODY who is ready to put in the efforts! Anyone who wants to build an online business as an affiliate or someone who wants to build their own business with their own product, can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

College and University students, at home mom, minimum wage worker, soon to be retiree, anyone who wants to get some more money and wants to work from home or from wherever they can get a WiFi connection is more than welcome to join.

People who have experience online can benefit from the great hosting price for their websites. And it is always good to be able to count on others when you get stuck and that is priceless.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools & Training

There are two main training : Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. You get level one of each training free with your free Starter membership. Then there are many live classes which are over 100 hours of valuable content to learn from.

You also have acces to the training HQ and classrooms. There are live webinars every Friday that will help you become better at being an affiliate. These are fully accessible when you are a Premium member and they provide thousands of hours of additionnal training.

There is additional training that comes with Premium Plus. You get access to over 200 live classes, hosted by expert in their field, so that’s a new class every day of the week.

There are many tools available including a keyword research tool named JAAXY. There is more than keyword search you can do with this tool. You can also check your website rank or use techniques to find topics to write about for your niche. You can even search for affiliate programs. Try it:

Plus, there is the site builder that gets your website up and running in less than 30 seconds. Of course it’s not a fully fonctional website as you need to create the content but it’s a good start. You can watch it  by clicking on the image below:

Wealthy Affiliate Support

The support offered with the premium membership is great. There is a search bar at the top where you can start typing your questionand see if there is already an answer. If not, there is a section where you can ask you question and other members will be happy to help you, sometimes within minutes after your posted your question,

The big Plus is great a community of helpful people, always ready to give a hand to those who need assistance. There is also a live chat, personal support and the owners participate in the community and they answer their messages.

You also have website support. They are very good. They manage your issues as fast as possible and they can help you fix your problems. They know what they are doing. Website support is great. Totally worth it.

The downside is when you send private message and private emails to Kyle, don’t expect an answer. Find another way to get your answer or find another way to reach them. Only the ambassadors have a real access to the owners.

Wealthy Affiliate Price $

Starter member: Free

Premium member: $49 per month or $495 anually.

Premium Plus: $99 per month or $995 yearly.

There are no upsells. Once you are a Premium Plus member , you have access to EVERYTHING.

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

The membership at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best deals available out there. You can try for free for 7 days. You have access to training and a website builder. Their hosting services are top-notch. Comparing prices, you are a winner with Wealthy Affiliate even when you already are an affiliate marketer. You get so much value for your money and you are in really good hands. I recommend this website if you are going Premium Plus.

All the useful content you need to build your website is now exclusive to Premium Plus members. The basic training is not as good as it should be and all their efforts are now on the Premium Plus members.

For anyone who wants a no brainer because you don’t want to compare all the hosting services and platforms, go fo Wealthy Affiliates. There is good information there, mostly made by the members of the community that help everyone to stay up-to-date.

Wealthy Affiliate at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: Free Starter member, $49 per month Premium member and $99 per month for Premium Plus


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  1. Hi. Thank you for the great review. I didn’t think there were such a nice place to get started with affiliate marketing. I will look it up.

  2. Hi. I want start money online and I’m looking for a legit way to do it. I have build a small website but I feel stuck. Thank you for the review.

    • Hi Mé. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get started. You can have a free Starter membership and upgrade when you are ready to. These is a community to help you whenever you need it. Check it out here.

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