How to become an affiiate? Wait!

Before you even consider becoming an affiliate, you have to know what your motivations are. Start with answering those questions:

1- Why do you want your own online business? Are you a minimum wage worker looking for a better future? Are you tired of not having the freedom of going on vacation? Are you a mom looking for home base business ideas? Why do you need a side hustle?

That is the first step to begin your online journey. Know where you start from and what your primary motivation is. I recommend you write down your answer. If you ever feel down or having a bad day, you can always read and remember yourself why you started in the first place.

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2- Why do you want to be an affiliate? How much do you know about being an affiliate? Do you know people who have a successful affiliate business? What do you like about the idea of being an affiliate? Have you considered other side hustles?

It is important that you know what you get into. Being successful affiliate takes time. You want to make sure you are choosing right. Keep in mind that you are a home based entrepreneur. You have to be serious in what you are doing. Being an affiliate can be a lot of fun and it takes a lot of time too.

Be careful about what people can tell you about being an affiliate marketer. Often we see the big bucks and we want that too because they say it’s easy. Really? Is it that easy? You need to put time, effort and at some point, money.

3- What are your goals? Do you want a laptop lifestyle? Do you need more money to pay the bills? Are you looking for a way to help others? Do you want to become wealthy? How much money would you like to make with your affiliate business?

Work from anywhere

Take your time to answer these questions. Before you make any changes in your life, you have to know why you want to make the changes. Why do you need a change? Of course the easy answer is to improve your life. Dig deeper. Once you get the answers, any roadblocks will appear much smaller.

You can share your answers in the comments. I will be happy to read them.

Now Let’s Get Real!

What does it take to become an affiliate?

To get started, you need a computer and an internet connection. You need to be able to navigate on the web. You need to be able to find information. You need to be able to learn new skills. You need to WANT to learn. There is so much information out there it can be overwhelming.

If you are already familiar with online business, creating web pages and finding products to promote go ahead ans have fun!

If you are a total beginner and you were told it was easy money, I’m going to burst your bubble right here. You are going to BUILD and online business, a brand name. It is a process. It takes time. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. The efforts you put in building your business will give you the proportional results.

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First things first, learn how being an affiliate works. There are different ways you can be a successful affiliate. You can build a website where you put blog posts relevant to your niche and affiliate products. You can build an e-mail list affiliate marketing business where you send e-mails multiple times a week to your list. You could also be promoting offers using ads.

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Oh wait!

Do you have a niche?

What is a niche? You need to choose a subject, product, course that you have some knowledge about and see what people are buying. So you can start with a subject as broad as Intelligent Home and narrow down to a couple of devices or services you like most and talk about that.

You have to be able to give relevant content and products to the people that will come across your website, your Opt-in page you even your ad.

OK, so now you know that you will need to write content. What kind of content? VALUABLE content related to you niche. Even before you get started on building a website or and Opt-In page for your e-mail list, start creating content. You will need a lot! Get on Google and write down your niche and watch the suggestions. That is a gold mine to create content.

Where Do You Want to Create Content?

As I mentioned, there are different ways to promote others’ products. Knowing that, are you more of a website type or an e-mail type? I can be both!

You want to find hosting for your website or your Opt-in pages. There are different platforms available. You will have to pay for hosting. There are great hosting services that come with complete training so your are not lost in the woods trying to figure everything out.

You can save money and try to figure everything out, alone or, you can join great communities to help you reach your goals much faster. There are great training available and great performing platforms.

If you want to build a website affiliate business, you might want to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They offer you a starter membership where you can create 1 website and you get access to 10 lessons. You also have access to the community for 7 days. Then, it is a monthly $49 to keep learning with all the training, live webinars and classrooms and to keep access to everyone in the great WA community.

If you are interested in the e-mail affiliate marketing business, I invite you to watch this webinar by ClickBank, one big platform to find affiliate products to promote. You will learn interesting things during the webinar. They also offer training if you are looking for that in particular. They have multiple training on many topics related to affiliate marketing. It’s called the Spark.

I did something to help you get started. I have created a checklist of things you should get done before you are ready to go. I put a lot of things in there. Remember, you are creating your online affiliate marketing business. I tried to put everything in chronological order so it is easier to get started. Enjoy!

Here is your list

Let’s Get Started!


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  1. Thank you Cynthia,

    I enjoyed reading your post as it questions the reader about their motives to go into affiliate marketing. I think that is so important when it comes to starting your online business as it is not easy to be successful. You really have to work hard especially until your business starts to take off. If you do not have the right motivation to work in this way then you will find it really difficult to succeed.

    I also like your checklist it will really help so many people.


    • Hi Imelda!

      Yes it takes time to get started because there is so much to do! Once you have everything in place, it gets much easier. I feel it is important to share that with everyone who wants to get in that business.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. Thank you for this review. Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. i learnt the entire process of becoming an affiliate marketer from wealthy affiliate and i did that from the scratch. this is an awesome review and it is very helpful


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