What is MeetEdgar?


MeetEdgar is an automation tool for your social media content. It is a tool where you can schedule the content you want to post on every social media account you have. Even better, you can directly post from MeetEdgar to your accounts without having to schedule your posts.

Here is a walk-through video that explains all the features of MeetEdgar and how it works.

Don’t you want to use it now? What a time saver!

You can use content from different websites that post relevant content in your niche and add that to MeetEdgar so your audience will get value even if you don’t write that post.

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MeetEdgar Review

Website: www.meetedgar.com

Price: Free trial period then it’s $19 per month for the Lite version and $49 for the complete version.

Owner: Laura Roeder

Overall rank: 9 out of 10

Likes and Dislikes

The likes:

PRO #1 The content in your library becomes evergreen. If you have content for 2 months, it will post that content for 2 months and then start over again for each content category.

PRO #2 New content will be used before any content is repeated.

PRO #3 Auto-generated variations. Since you can’t repost the same Tweet on Twitter, MeetEdgar can let you write a variation for your evergreen content or if it’s a blog post, it can generate many variations for you. It works great for all social media accounts.

PRO #4 You get an unlimited library. That means you can add fresh content forever in your rotation.

The Dislikes:

CON #1 You need a credit card to sign up for the free trial. If you decide MeetEdgar isn’t for you, you need to send an email before the payment is taken on your card.

CON #2 You can’t choose the color for the categories. They are randomly assigned. It can be annoying for some people

CON #3 MeetEdgar’s name appears on the posts on Facebook.

CON #4 It is available on English only.

Who can Benefit from MeetEdgar?

Anyone who has to create content for multiple social media platforms. You can benefit from MeetEdgar when you have evergreen content that can be recycled and reused for new followers to see that content and for existing users that would have missed it.

MeetEdgar Tools and Training

MeetEdgar is an automation tool that includes lots of features like repeated time slots, rotation, and variations. It is great to maximise your presence on social media.

There are additional tools and integrations. MeetEdgar has an app that will help you create your Instagram posts. It also has a Chrome extension so you can add content to your library while surfing on the web. Another time saver!

On the website, there are many videos that will help you get the most out of MeetEdgar. They have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to.

You will find blog posts that are relevant to new trendings on social media. The team there is doing a good job on keeping their information up to date.MeetEdgar videos training

MeetEdgar ressources

MeetEdgar Support

There is the usual contact us form on the website. There is a section dedicated to support. You can see if someone already asked the question you have.

There is a chat box, but there isn’t someone available during the weekend. You need to leave a message and they will get back to you.

They also offer content batching parties and webinars for MeetEdgar users. These are great features.

MeetEdgar support

MeetEdgar chat

MeetEdgar Price $

Free: You get a free trial period. That gives you some time to get used to MeetEdgar’s platform

$19 per month: Lite version. You get 3 social media accounts you can add to the platform, 10 recurring time slots for your evergreen content, unlimited library and 4 content categories. Choose wisely your content categories.

$49 per month: You get 25 social media accounts you can manage on the platform. 1000 recurring time slots for your evergreen content, unlimited library and unlimited content categories.

Doing some comparison with Buffer and Hootsuite, MeetEdgar is the best priced for everything it offers. It is the only platform where you have an unlimited library, which means you have unlimited content possibilities.MeetEdgar plan

My Final Opinion of MeetEdgar

I really like MeetEdgar. It’s a great platform with a good tool to help you save time with your social media content creation.

It is totally worth a try. Give it some time so you can really make the best of this great tool. There is a lot when you get started, like every tool you are going to use to make your life easier as an online entrepreneur.

MeetEdgar is a good solution for small enterprises or solopreneurs who can’t afford to pay for a virtual assistant to manage their social media presence.

MeetEdgar at a Glance

Website: www.meetedgar.com

Owner Laura Roeder

Price: Free trial period then choose your plan: $19 per month for 3 social media accounts or $49 per month for up to 25 social media accounts.



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