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As you build your presence online, you want to be able to reach more people in a faster way than using organic method. Why would you want to use Facebook ads? Because Facebook has tons of data on everyone who uses the platform. It’s very easy to target your future costumers or people who will click the links.

*May contain affiliate links. Clicking on the affiliate links will most likely result in the same price you would pay elsewhere or you may get a special offer using those links.

Here are 5 steps to get started with Facebook ads:

  • 1– You need to create a business, fan, community or blog page on Facebook related to your niche. It’s easy to set up. From your existing account, you create a page. If you don’t have an existing account, you need to create one. Again, t’s quite simple and it doesn’t take very long.
  • 2– The second step is to build your page. You publish content, articles, quotes that add value and create a connection with your followers. Try to add about 10 posts before you invite people you know to join your professional page. Once in while, you create a post on your affiliate products.
  • To get started with followers, send an invitation to like your page to all your friends on your regular Facebook page. You can join groups with common interest in your niche and entrepreneurs groups. There are specifics days when you can share your professional accounts info. It’s your chance to follow people and get new followers.
  • 3– Use hashtags in your posts to reach out to more people and start defining your audience: who is your product for? What are their interests? Who would be interested in buying what you have to offer?
  • 4– create a like campaign for your page and boost one of your publication. One without any affiliate links. The costs start at $3 but you can start at $1 per day. This is where you can start targeting your audience. You can choose the demographics: the countries, the age range and what people are interested in. It’s straight forward. In the picture, it would cost me $25 to boost my publication for 5 days. It’s very easy to do and it’s a step-by step process on Facebook. You need to go through everything and then you publish it. You boost a publication that doesn’t have any inks to show Facebook that you are not only there to be promoting your affiliate links.
  • 5– After the boost, you can create an ad campaign. You can simply boost your posts from your business account that contain affiliate links. It’s the easiest way to get started with Facebook ads. Once it’s al set, you can create your account in the Facebook ad manager. Once you have spent $25 on your page, you can create multiple ads accounts. this can be useful if you want to be mostly running ads on Facebook to make money.

Other important things

When creating your ad, you can choose the goal of your ad. Do you want more likes? Do you want people to buy at your store, etc. That way, Facebook will optimize how the ad will be done.

Take the time to choose your audience. There are many characteristics you can use to determine who your avatar, a.k.a. the people who are interested in your offer, is. Make good use of them and see how it goes. Don’t go too broad. Run different campaigns for different people.

Keep in mind that people don’t go on social media to buy things. They want to get social. Your add should be written in social way. Reach out to people addressing a problem they might have and give them the solution.

Watch out for a few things what you are copy writing your ads. Facebook doesn’t like the word Free and doesn’t like amount of money, especially if you are selling training helping people make money online. Don’t claim anything. Don’t give numbers, talk about the benefits the people would get joining the program or what you have to promote.

You want to avoid anything like: “Make your first $500 in 5 days!” Be more personal. Address a problem, tell people you have a solution.

When you create ads from your FB page, you can only run one at the time. It gives you practice and you can determine what works and what doesn’t before creating multiple ad campaigns with Facebook ad manager.

In your ad manager account, you will be asked for your domain name. If your plan is to run ads for multiple affiliate products, you will need one. It helps with your credibility.

You want to determine a budget for your Facebook ads. You don’t want to spend too much money if you can’t earn anything from it. This is what is great when creating your ads, you set your limit and once it’s reached, you ad stop until you set a new money limit.

You want to let the ad runs for at least 3 days to see results. If no one clicks your links or no one buys anything from your affiliate links, you need a new plan. CPC, cost per click, has to stay low. When you get started, you want to keep it under $5, some may say under $10 but to play it safe, I would go at $5. Only the ones who are already making a lot of money with Facebook ads can afford to pay a higher price for clicks.

With the ad manager, you can split test your ads and run different campaigns to see which one is doing better. Keep the one that works well and scale. Promote it more at different hours, at multiple places. On the computer, there is the right sidebar where your ad can be displayed. You can always let Facebook choose where the ads go depending on your budget, to get the lowest cost possible.

Facebook loves the “like” campaigns.It shows that you are serious about your page and you want more people to follow you. You boost a publication to get more likes on your page or you promote your page only to get more likes. It also shows to Facebook that there is engagement on your page.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to complicate things and write a very long copy for your ads. Make sure the content you are using in your ad copy is original and not copied from what was given to you by the vendor. Facebook will know that your ad copy is copied and your ad will get denied.

Like I said earlier, people are on Facebook to be social. I don’t know anyone who goes there and say:”OK, I’m going to buy something from Facebook today.” If you do, let me know in the comments!

Stay social in your approach and create a curiosity for what you have to promote. You don’t sell on Facebook. Your job is to get the click. Add call-to-action buttons in your ads. Put arrows to indicate where people have to click. Tell them to click the link.

Don’t overthink it. Be smart about your choices and start with a low budget. Keep your ads or your boosts running for a few days and see how it goes. If it goes well, you can scale up and put more money into your ads. If it goes the other way, you may want to reconsider your targeting, and your ad copy.

If you are only using ads for your affiliate business, open multiple Facebook ads manager accounts so you have a backup if your account ever gets banned. It does happen. You don’t always get to know why. You can try to reverse the decision but be nice and say that you will fix what ever was wrong in your account.

One last thing, there is a section when creating your business page where you can manage what people are saying in the comments. There is a filter for “bad” words and there is also an option to make sure some words are not used in the comments.

So if you are conscious about having a fun and valuable page to show to others, you may want to consider blocking spam and fake from your page. Other words may come up later, you can block them when you see them.

If you want to learn more about Facebook ads, I have two free training for you available in the webinars section: Commission Hero is interesting, you will see different things you can do with Facebook ads and Facebook Ads University which is a different concept, using tools to see what works with ads and use that for your own ads. You can click on the picture below to access the training.Enjoy!

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