Skills to Develop: An Affiliate Journey

As you jump into the online business world, you will have to learn how things get done.

This will lead to you developing new skills.

Awesome right? But what skills are we talking about here?

I’m going to tell you what kind of skills you may develop and why they will be important for your future success.

I will also mention skills that would help you if you decide to learn them, but they are optional.

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You Will Become a Detective

That’s one of the first things you want to develop when you get started online.

It will help you find the best opportunities and the best topics to talk about, whether in your blog or in your YouTube videos.

Once you have selected your niche, you have to find offers to promote as an affiliate. You cannot choose any offer.

Why? Because your credibility is on the line. If you promote a bad product or offer, your audience won’t trust you and you won’t be able to earn money.

With time, after you have done your due diligence for a few products, it will become much easier for you to find good products.

You will know exactly how to look for the good, the bad and the ugly of each product. Keep in mind that the best way to really know if a product is good or not, is to try it yourself.

It will become easier to determine if a product is the right fit for your audience. You will know if it really solves a problem.

That’s a really good thing. You want to develop that skill so it will be easier to earn money from your audience.

Now from a content creation point of view, when you are a good detective, it becomes easier to find new topics to talk about.

It will be easy to find good keywords to target so people can find the piece of content you’ve created.

Knowing what people are looking for is super important. If you don’t know how to reach your audience, it will be harder to earn money.

You Will Develop Your Creativity.

Having to create good content on multiple platforms will help you develop your creativity.

Most importantly, you will develop your own unique flavor to the content you create. You will attract people that resonate with the way you share your knowledge.

You will become good at modeling what’s working in your niche and giving it your own flavor.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Find a way to deliver your message with a new angle or a new approach. That, you will become good at.

The more you like the niche you’re in, the more creative you may become. The day you lose interest in your niche is the day your creativity for that niche disappears.

That’s why choosing the right niche is crucial. Make sure you can write at least 50 blog posts or create at least 50 videos for your niche in the first year.

Then you have to keep in mind that you will have to create content on different social media platforms and that you will eventually have to run ads.

The more creative you get, the more attention you will grab, the more results you will have.

You May Get Good at Video and Photo Editing.

Depending on what platform you choose to share your knowledge, you may develop great editing skills.

You may get good at creating videos that grab and keep someone’s attention.

It doesn’t happen overnight. You need practice to become really good, but it’s possible, especially if you have a YouTube channel or if you create videos on TikTok.

Same with photos. Maybe you will get very good at creating great montages with Canva or Photoshop.

By the way, these skills are in demand. Many businesses are looking for people who can edit their videos or create good photo montages for their social media accounts.

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You Will Become a Scam Detector.

The more you know about the make money online industry, the more you can spot scammy products or offers.

You need to learn a lot about how the industry works.

Ever heard about evergreen webinars? Or maybe you saw a live presentation that wasn’t live?

It doesn’t feel honest, right?

I don’t have problems with pre-recorded presentations, as long as people are honest about it.

Oh but it was live when they recorded it! Right….

So for scammy products and offers, you will be able to determine in les than a minute if a product is real and good or if it’s just an empty promise offer.

Awesome, right?

You will be able to use that knowledge for yourself and you will be able to educate your audience. It’s a win-win situation.

How awesome it would be to avoid all those scams…

You Will Develop Your Learning Skills.

Well duh… obviously, right?

Yes, it is obvious, so obvious that you may forget that you are getting good at learning new things.

You may also be learning in new ways.

Learning helps keep your brain healthy. You get more knowledgeable. You can share your new knowledge easily.

How great is that? I sure like it!

A Skill You May Want to Learn: Copywriting.

Why would you need to learn the art of selling with written words if you are not the one creating the sales page for the products you are promoting?

Because copywriting doesn’t have to be used exclusively on sales pages.

In fact, copywriting can be used everywhere, in your everyday life.

You can use it all the time!

It will make you more interesting as you master the art of grabbing someone’s attention and as you master the art of creating open loops.

You can also apply these principles to your lead magnets. It will help to convert more leads into real prospects and then into buyers.

This will also help you create great blog articles or great videos as you are able to keep people’s attention with the great information you are sharing.

Don’t fall for the attention span theory. We all have different attention spans and it varies greatly with the task we have to do and the interest we have for it.

So even if you have the best video about paintball, I would lose interest in a few seconds because it’s not a subject I’m interested in at the moment.

I found a good article that debunks the attention span myth. You can read it here:

Another Skill You May Want to Develop: Selling

But wait, I got into affiliate marketing because I didn’t have to sell anything.

I know.

But it will be helpful to understand all the psychology that leads to someone buying a certain type of product.

You don’t have to learn it, but it really helps when you need to create great pieces of content.

On the bright side, we all have certain sales skills that we are not aware of.

Kids are good at making us change plans according to what they want.

How about yourself or your spouse who always ends up getting what he or she wants?

Keep in mind that you are the first person to sell to everyday. You don’t think it’s true? Ok, let me give you some examples…

You should be going to the gym today because you didn’t go for the past week: I have some work to finish. I need to help my kids with their homework. I’m too tired. It’s too far from home…

You should be cooking today: Or maybe I can just watch one more episode(more like the whole series) before I start cooking. Maybe I can order some food. I don’t have anything to prepare my meals, I’ll go to the grocery store (and end up buying ready-to-eat meals)…

I think you get it.

All the excuses you create or the excuses everybody else create are some kind of selling tactics that will give you the outcome you really wanted.

And that outcome may not be the best option for you, but you made your decision.

In Conclusion

Everybody can learn and develop new skills if they want to.

The different skills you can learn when becoming an affiliate marketer are a big asset for your future.

There are ways to monetize what you’ve learned and mastered.

It also looks good on your résumé.

People who are willing to learn are precious for companies. It shows that you can learn and that you will learn more.

There are many more skills you can develop, like spotting spelling mistakes in a text, creating a website, etc.

They are all important and they will all serve you well if you use them.

What skills will you develop?

Let’s Get Started!


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