How much do you like your job?

Are you the type of person who gets Sunday blues? Maybe you are the person who likes Mondays…or not. Do you like getting ready to go to work every day?

Since we have to spend so much time of our lives working, is it a place where you are enjoying the time you spend there?

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How Much do You Like Your Job?

No matter what you do for a living, how much do you like it? Tell me the good things that happen to you on a daily basis at work. Can you think of any?

There was a time when liking your job wasn’t even a question. You had to work, no matter where, no matter how hard it got, just went every day and work.

There was something good about that. Stability. Always working at the same place. Knowing every week how much money you would get. Keeping the same work schedule. Getting more time off for vacations every year. Having pride in working at the same place for over 10, 20, 30 years.

Some really hated their job. They wanted to be good provider so they focused on that and they kept the same job they hated because in a way, it was good for them.

Things change. They new generations, even the thirty years old, now won’t probably know what it’s like to work their whole life for the same company. It took me about 20 years to be in a job and a workplace I enjoy. Things changed. It gets harder to find a long term job, a stable job, with a stable schedule, with benefits, with paid vacations, etc.

There is a broad range of opportunities for jobs. Choices are available. There is no reason to stay in a job that isn’t enjoyable. A lot of people do stay in the wrong job or wrong workplace. It’s easy to see. Just look at all the job memes, Monday memes and TGIF memes on social medias. A ton of them. Why? People relate to that. They are stuck in a job they don’t like. It’s OK. You have the right to be stuck. Don’t be stuck forever.

Pros and Cons

You spend so much time at work, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could at least not hate it? You always have the choice. Here, I want you to take a piece of paper and a pen. I want you to make two lists.

Write down everything that bothers you at work right now. EVERYTHING. If the toilets are dirty and it bothers you, write it down. Take all the time you need. Get it off your chest.

Now that you are done with the cons of your actual job, let’s take a look at everything you like. EVERYTHING. It can even be the nice receptionist that always smiles and wishes you a wonderful day.

Maybe you have free coffee, or there is pizza on Friday. Anything that you enjoy in your workplace, write it down. Is it harder to think of the pros? If you enjoy your workplace and the things you do for your job, it’s easier to think about all the things you like.

Are your lists complete? Did you sorted the schedule? The working time, vacation time, lunch time, break time? How far from your home is it? Is the computer too slow, are there noises, are the coworkers nice, are the windows clean? Everything you can think of, put it in the list.

Which List is Longer?

Take your cons list. Read it. Ask yourself is there anything on this list that I can change? Can you ask for changes in your workplace? Are there items that are not so important after all and you may(or may not) be overreacting? It might take a couple days to answer honestly.

If your pros list is the longest, congrats, you like your job. There might be some things that bother you, maybe you can talk about those to your boss or share you thoughts with your coworkers. If the cons list is longer, what are you ready to do about it?

Can you talk about the issues you have to your boss? Is there anyone at work you can share that with? Is it time for you to update your resumé and find another job? Do you feel like doing nothing about it? There is no right answers to those questions. It’s your life, your choices.

Now What is The Next Step?

Let’s make an other list. Do you have a dream job? Is your actual job your dream job? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have the perfect job for you? What would be the best job you could ever have?

Tell me, what makes it so great? Why is it a dream? How far are you from getting that dream job? How different from your actual job that dream job is?

Again, make a list of everything you think that job would be. Write all the details, what does the working hours look like, are you the boss, do you have your own office, can you work from home, etc. You might have thought about those things many times already.

Realisticaly, is your dream job just a dream? How can you be so sure? What are the roadblocks that stop you from getting your dream job? Do you need to go back to school or get a training? Are you afraid of not being right for the job? Is insecurity your friend?

Do you believe you deserve your dream job? How you it make you feel to have that job? Would it make your life easier, better, happier? What are you ready to do to achieve your goal? If you can’t have your dream job, what are the improvement you would like to have for your current job?

Remember, you don’t have to be crazy in love with your job. Not hating it is a very good start. Maybe you don’t have the schedule you want. Is it fixable? Sometimes it’s just a lot of little things that keep us from seeing the good. There are times when it’s just really bad. That is why the lists are helpful.

Is the good stuff about your job really is good enough? You could have the right job in the wrong workplace.

In Conclusion

Try to have fun in what you do. Your job will get easier once you can spend more time on the things you like about it. Keep the pros list and your dream job goals close to you so you can refer to them whenever your motivation is running away.

Have you thought about creating your dream job? Maybe you can try something different. The only thing is that it requires work, patience and consistency. You can be your own boss. You can build an online business. Do you have what it takes?

It’s never too late to do something different. It’s never too late to learn something new. You need to believe you can do it. You can be happy at work. You can create your perfect job.

If things aren’t going to change, be the change.

Let’s Get Started,


6 thoughts on “How much do you like your job?”

  1. i am in love with my two jobs. On the one hand, I work in a state-owned company for a regular job from nine to five and I don’t mind because I was educated for it. On the other hand, I am developing my greatest passion, I have an internet business and a website in development and I hope that there will be money from it, although I can say that this job is actually my hobby. Super motivating text.

  2. I love the initial question regarding loving your job. I feel that most people just except the way things are without putting up a fight and they settle for life to only have regrets in later years.

    We, as a society, are taught, to exchange our lives for a paycheck and make other people rich all around us instead of ourselves.

    I love financial education and literacy because it helps people replace their W2 income and then they can pass that knowledge down to the next generation and so on.

  3. My current job is amazing and I like it a lot. I wish I could say the same thing about my last one, but FORTUNATELY having a desk job and working for someone else wasn’t for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still have a desk job, but I’m my own boss now. I started my affiliate website like a year ago and I just passed the $100 per day mark. (I’m so excited)

    And I do agree, you don’t have to be crazy in love with your job. You just have to be crazy enough to stick with it and finish your daily tasks.

    Thanks for creating such amazing content and I encourage you to keep it up.

  4. Very interesting article. I personally don’t have a job and don’t want to have one. I think like an entrepreneur and don’t want to work for someone else and fulfill their dreams instead of mine.

  5. I agree that you should love what you do or you will not do the best possible job. Finding a job that matches your passion is so important. I think everyone should do a pros and cons list to evaluate where you are at the moment as it relates to your current job. That usually will be indicative if there is more value in staying or more value in leaving it. Thanks for sharing and raising questions to help others evaluate where they stand.


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