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When you are learning to build your online business, you will be told to create tons of valuable content. More often than not, you will be strongly suggested to be all over the place in all social media platforms.

Yes, I know, you will also be told not to be everywhere when you get started. Yet, you will be strongly encouraged to create new pieces of content everyday.

As a beginner, you are often excited with all the future opportunities to earn money and you have so many ideas for creating content.

Then time passes by. If you are a lucky one, you may get results in a few months and you are still super motivated to create new content everyday. Maybe you won’t be so lucky.

Maybe you will realize that it takes much longer than expected (because you were told otherwise) to see results. Maybe you can’t seem to get results on social media. That doesn’t stop you, you keep creating content.

Will your content be as valuable as it was when you got started? If you keep producing content everyday, even for your email list, oh wait, you don’t have any subscribers yet, do you still care as much when you know that only 1 or 2 people will see it?

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The energy we put in the input affects the energy in the output.

Have you ever created a piece of content where you give it your best? One that you are proud of? Or one you spend a lot of time creating and you know it was totally worth it?

I have. What happened is that I got great feedback on that piece of content. This is how the energy, the time, the efforts and sometimes the money you put into a piece of valuable content affects the energy in the output.

You get better results when you spend more time creating a piece of content that will bring value for years to come than when you say Hi on social media.

What kind of energy are you ready to put into your content?

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What is your intention when creating your content?

Are you creating content for the sake of creating content? Do you want to educate people? Do you want to make your audience laugh?

When creating content, think about your intention: what is the main purpose, the end goal of that piece of content?

Keep in mind that the most valuable things for humans right now are Attention and Time. Is your content worth the attention? Is it worth spending time on? What this means is that you should be creating something that deserves to be seen and shared.

The Snackable Content Problem

We are in an era of snackable content: the shorter the better. It’s everywhere. Most platforms now offer to make short videos to share with our audience.

Even with Facebook ads, it is strongly suggested that your video is a maximum of 15 seconds…

That brings us in a phase where there is a lot of no-value adding content (crappy content) because it’s better now to create a lot of quantity and there is no focus on the quality.

If you create 30 pieces of content in 30 minutes, they won’t last through the years. Will this content still be valuable in 5 years?

Quantity over quality, to make sure you are always on the mind of your audience….Really? I prefer reading ONE good piece of content per week rather than seeing the same repurposed content I saw last month on someone’s feed.

What you create needs to deserve attention. If it’s important for you, it will be important for other people.

How to Stand Out?

The good thing now is that all you have to do to be different is to spend your time and your energy to create a good piece of unique content.

It will be ever more valuable because it will be you talking to your audience, not a trend of creating snackable content.

You want to stand out from that sea of not so good content? Be the one who creates super valuable content. Spend time on your creation, be proud of what you create.

People will be more than happy to share. You will get better results in the long term.

The mistake people make is to create content to fill up their sales funnel. They create content to get people’s email addresses so they can sell something to these people.

How many newsletters are you subscribed to? How many are really valuable? I regret the tips I received in many courses I took: subscribe to newsletters in your niche. Why? Because they are ONLY trying to sell me something.

It’s all about selling the same product, or a new product. There is no value. There are no tips, no tidbits, no maps to help you. Just “social proof” (if you read my article about fake gurus, you will know that they can be easily faked), just numbers, just saying: Hey, why don’t you want to change your life and spend $1,000 on my course?

I’m not even talking about the ones that send multiple emails per day to make you feel bad about not buying their products….

You want to stand out? Do the exact opposite. Easy peasy right?

In Conclusion

Put some real energy in the content you are creating. Take your time to create real, valuable content.

To stand out, stay aways from creating quantity of content. Focus on the quality. Real quality.

I’ve heard that creating an email for your email list takes less than 15 minutes and that’s why you should send one everyday. Can you really create something worth reading in such a short amount of time?

Create content that is important and is valuable for you. If your content is not important for you, it won’t be important for your audience.

The energy you put in the input affects the energy of the output.

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